Bathroom Floor Tile—Demolition

—from an e-mail I once sent in November 2012...

  1. Remove toilet. Plus hole with large cloth, old terry towel, etc. lightly soaked in oil (for seal) to contain sewer gases.
  3. Remove baseboards (but NOT door casings).
  5. Use backerboard, tile and imagination to gauge the finished height of the floor. Using Dremel tool, cut the bottoms of the door casings to the finish height.
  7. Using skil- and reciprocating saws, and a chisel, explore removing the old, damaged subfloor. Once you know its thickness, set the skilsaw appropriately and cut the entire floor into easily removable sections.
  9. Pry up old subfloor.
  11. Clean remaining surfaces.
  13. Examine the floor for any problems that need solving, especially around the toilet flange. Solve if necessary, then re-clean.