The Holland Deck under Construction

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Shows overal deck and bay-out on south end. Posts sticking up through joists and beyond deck level are temporary to construction of deck. Shows internal cantilevering around dining-room bay. Joist enter to depth of bay cantilever and a bit more, then secured trivially to house joists in lieu of a complex, angled ledger board.
Shows ledger board against house everywhere except dining-room bay. How are joists fixed to ledger? There are no apparent hangers. Toe-nailing appears to be the method. Shows bearing of deck structure on upright post—no girder system here. Note that end planks or ledgers are doubled (with band joists). Nail through into end of joist and cap with outer board? See answer below.
Shows girder supporting joists cantilevered to match dining-room bay on south end of house. Shows structure from below the deck. Notice hangers connecting post to ledger. Show also bay-out support via girder (for just this section of deck) which is ugly, but which is the more usual construction method for a deck. It’s only ugly because it’s not done all the way across the deck as would normally be done (Eric).
The finished deck—awaiting railing. More details of the underside follow. These are 10" ledgers, joists et al. These pictures are taken 2½ years later. I note that Eric’s joists aren’t yet pretzeled (I hope I’m as lucky).
Shows lagscrew placement and toenailing (instead of hangers). North end of deck against house and lagscrew placement.
Downspout and vent accommodation. Dryer vent accommodation.
Transition from ledger to bay and joist insertion. Detail of bay joist insertion.
Bay transition to south edge of deck. Beam under deck bay-out.
Cantilever detail of deck bay-out: railing post joist (to which the top-side railing post is nailed) starts at a block.... ...and finishes out across beam of deck bay-out—(west) end.
(Western), finished edge of deck. The finished deck in service for a couple of years now.
An off-topic, furtive view of stair forms under construction.