Our Family: Batemans and Wests

The whole fam-damily

Penelope Bateman, [Greg Nelson], Andrea Bateman, Amy West, Helene West Farland, Taylor Farland.


Samuel West, Trista Sacks (Andrea's), Vic Bateman, Danny (Thierry) Bateman, Leila Bateman (Penelope's), Brandon West.

Photo taken in August, 2006. From left to right, top to bottom:

- Penelope is a massage therapist in Salt Lake City specializing in deep muscle massage and, by all accounts, the deepest in Utah.She keeps her own shop, The Wind of Keltia—no relation to this domain.
- Andrea lives in Salt Lake City, and is back at SLCC. She's literally cooking.
- Amy returned in late March, 2008, from a mission to Chile; she graduated from BYU in Broadcast Journalism, December 2009. She anchors the morning news for KHAS-TV in Hastings, Nebraska.
- Helene and Taylor graduated from dental school in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada in 2012. They'll finish a residency in a pediatric hospital there in June, 2013.
- Samuel is attending Utah Valley State College in Marketing on scholarship; he and Brandon keep making movies; Sam worked for Orange Soda marketing, then White Canyon Software before accepting a marketing position on campus.
- Trista is in 11th grade.
- Vic opened a very chic tattoo shop, 27, across 700 East from Trolley Square in Salt Lake City. In early years, he traveled with the Used and other bands, and is known internationally.
- Danny is a crew chief for Van's Warped Tour and Rockstar Energy's Uproard Tour. In 2013, he begins his second year in the starring cast of Fuse TV's Warped Roadies.
- Leila is in 8th grade.
- Brandon was working as a support engineer for an Internet application supplier in Provo, then a company making movies and commercials, but gave it all up to go back and finish school at Utah Valley University.
- Missing are our granddaughter, Anjali (Penelope's), born September, 2008, Kingston (2009) and Isla (2012), both born in Halifax.