Town in eastern France (Lorraine) where my children’s mother, Andrée was born to Annie Thill and Victor Back. These pictures were taken in the Fall of 1999.

    Cygne sur l’Ornain.

Swan on the Ornain River.
    Eglise d’Abainville où furent baptisés les enfants BACK.

The church at Abainville where the Back children were baptized when babies.
    La marie d’Abainville.

Abainville town hall.
    La maison des THILL avant la guerre (39-45)

The Thill residence before the war.
    La place d’Abainville.

Abainville’s village square.
    Un viaduct de train que le grand-père THILL a dynamité dans la guerre.

A railroad bridge that grandfather Thill dynamited during the war.