Ardèche is a department in the south of France where my sons have an aunt Brigitte. We went to visit in November of 1999.

Chez Bibiche.

At Aunt Brigitte’s.
Ah, il fait bon manger au resto.

When in France, eat! Here we are at the restaurant.
Charcuterie et médaillons de porc,

Cold cuts and pork medallions.
Îles flottantes et nougat.

Floating meringue in custard and nougatine.
Escargots et fromages.

Snails and cheeses. These snails were mine
and I ate them all up: yummmmmmy!
La croustine ardéchoise.

An Ardèche specialty dessert.
Revenant du restaurant.

Going home after the restaurant.
Le charmant village de Balazuc.

The darling little village and environs of Balazuc.