Vigneulles and Vigneulles-lès-Hattonchâtel

For the Back family reunion, we went to mass at the church in Vigneulles, the village that my sons' great grandparents lived in. Then, we went to the cemetery up the hill (lès-Hattonchâtel). Afterwards, we ate in a local bistro with all the rest of their mother's family. These pictures were taken on 1 November 1999.

Victor, Thierry Daniel (Danny), Russell Victor (Vic).

Vic and Danny.

Some of the family gather before Nicolas and Suzanne Back's gravestone.

Joseph Back (Victor's brother) looks back at the camera.

Left-to-right: Lucienne (wife of René, Victor's brother),
Annie (wife of Victor),
daughter of Lucienne and René,
wife of Joseph (?),
la Marthe (Victor's sister).