Le Havre

Le Havre is my favorite place in the world. I lived there 7-8 months in 1974-5 and go back to visit as often as I can reach France.

Le Havre vu de Sainte Adresse ; Sainte Adresse vue du Havre.

Le Havre from nearby Sainte Adresse and a view back the other way.
L’Eglise au Havre.

The church in Le Havre.
Lionel à l’orgue ; Lionel, Odile et une partie de leur famille.

My friend Lionel at the organ; Lionel, Odile and part of their family.
Clémence, fille de Thierry, plus Thierry, Pascale, les enfants de Pascale plus un garçon de Lionel.

Clémence, Thierry’s daughter, plus Thierry, Pascale, Pascale’s children and one of Lionel’s.
Thierry, Côme, me, Benjamin, Julène and Clémence; (last) Thierry and his children plus Pascale.