For a number of years, I had the pleasure of being invited to make presentations at a technical conference in Nice. Many of these photos were taken by Julene who got to whoop it up while I was stuck in the conference. These pictures were taken in May 1999.

La baie des anges et la promenade des anglais ; notre hôtel : nous sommes à mi-chemin entre l’hôtel et les lieux de la conférence.

Here is Nice from Tower Hill looking down on the bay. We always stayed in Sofitel-Nice. This picture was taken halfway to the conference venue.
Vues prises du toit de l’hôtel.

Views from the hotel roof.
Nice : son lycée, le marché aux fleurs...

The city high school and the "flower market"... côte au dessus de la ville et le vieux port.

... the Tower Hill and the old port.
Nos passages à l’Eglise me manquent.

Church in Nice was a good experience; we made many friends.