Paris, Colombes, Bezons et Argenteuil

Each time we go to Paris, we stay with or see my friend of 30+ years, Claude Dislaire. We also go to see Jean-Marie and Lucille Hauser and sometimes stay with them. These pictures were taken in May 1999.

Yvon et Claude ; deux vieux amis bretons.

My longtime Breton friends, Yvon and Claude. Yvon is a professor at Brigham Young University; Claude works for a big insurance company near Paris.
A Colombes et notre Renault Mégane Scénic.

Out the window of Claude's home one morning looking toward Paris. Here is our rental car, a Renault Mégane (the silver car in the middle of the picture, partially obscured).
La maison Back et la clinique où sont nés mes enfants.

The former house of my children's grandparents and the clinic in which they were born (old part—Mimi and Didi, new part—Pitchoun).
Chez Jean-Marie et Lucille.

Our friends the Hauser family.
Paris—Gare de Lyon.

Lyon train terminal in Paris where we catch the TGV (high-speed train) for Nice.
In the United States, it is now considered in poor taste to show off your best locomotive with a pretty girl standing next to it, but this is France where beauty is greatly appreciated.