In summer, 2010, Julene redoes the backyard.

We turn our attention to adding a new sprinkler zone because we need sprinklers instead of microsprays at the bottom level, and more microsprays on the middle (back) level.

First, we dug out thinking that the water main would be toward the house, but then discovered that things were inverted. (We didn't inspect the flow arrows on the valve bodies because we never expected that the main would be on the west side of the valve box.) We're going to cut the upper-level microsprays off of the zone that already goes down under the rock face to the lower level. That will make it so that we can change that zone to do sprinkle grass down there. The new circuit, whose value you see here, will just do the remaining (south flower beds from about the control box all the way to the south fence along the west side of the patio.