We finish the storage room in April and May 2005

In the following pictures, electricity can be seen that goes out to the garage for various reasons: (storage5.jpg)

Second, conduits for the central vacuum are seen as they exit into the garage. In addition, the low-voltage switch circuit that turns the central vacuum on and off is seen. (storage6.jpg)

Third, a pressurized air conduit comes in from the workshop so that it is not necessary to drag the air compressor downstairs for any project. The ball valve is for draining water from the system. (storage3.jpg and storage6.jpg)

Last, a ½-inch PEX tube feeds soft water to the garage for hosing down the floor, washing cars, etc. (storage4.jpg)

In the garage by the laundry room door and stairs, note, from left to right, the following details:

These come from or go to the storage room.

We do the walls and install the shelves and other equipment:

Finally, we can work on the shop...