Jenn-Air Expressions Oven

Jenn-Air Expressions all-electric oven, 10-12 years old. Digital controls. Plush. Plug-in thermometer meat probe.

Model: unknown. There is no model number visible on either tag inside the oven. Only partial serial number. A call to Jenn-Air with the serial number yields a list of ten possible products/models, but Jenn-Air will not give out what those are because their customer service policy forbids it.

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Controls no longer light up, oven has been working for a year or so "blind."

Now, any attempt to turn it on to anything (bake, convect bake, broil, etc.) appears to light both elements.

Sometimes, the oven will not stop and it heats up to the point that a sort of alarm goes off, almost as if in Clean mode, but it's not locked. Only way to overcome it is to trip the breaker.


I can easily do light repairs such as replace the solenoids, control module replacement, terminal soldiering, etc. I need the model number identified and to know where to order parts. And I'd appreciate the promise of a (potential) diagnosis here (replace circuit board, control module, etc.). I would rather not have to measure voltages although if that's necessary, I'd rather do it than buy a new oven.

The model number should be on the label in the lower left (above), but there's scarcely a hint—not sufficient even to guess at so much as a single number or letter.