Notizen am Konjunktion von der Novelldeutscheklasse

Coordinating conjunctions

aber   but
denn   then
oder   or
sondern   rather
und   and

Subordinating conjunctions

The use of these causes a word order change in the dependent clause, a phenomenon known as "dependent word order." Basically, the conjugated verb is tossed to the end with the rest of the verbs.

als   when (in the past), than (comparative)
bevor   before
bis   until
damit   so that, therewith that
daß   that
indem   in that, as much as
nachdem   after
ob   whether, if
obwohl   although
sobald   as soon as
solange   as long as
sooft   as often as
weil   since, (Fr. puisque)
wenn   if


I work until I am tired.   Ich arbeite, bis ich müde bin.
I work therefore I have money.   Ich arbeite, damit ich Geld habe.
I know the thing is true.   Ich wei&zslig;, daß die Ding wahr ist.
We learn German in that we're speaking German.   Wir lehrnen Deutsch, indem wir Deutsch sprechen.
I know whether it is raining.   Ich weiß, ob es regnet.
We learn these words, then they will be important.   Wir lehrnen diese Worte, denn sie sind wichtig.
We learn this word, since they are important.   Wir lernen diese Worte, weil sie wichtig sind.
We learn these words since they must be important.   Wir lehrnen diese Worte, weil sie wichtig sein müssen.
    ...since they are important.           ...weil sie wichtig sind.
    ...since they were important.           ...weil sie wichtig waren.
    ...since they have been important.           ...weil sie wichtig gewesen sind.
    ...since they were obliged to be important.           ...weil sie wichtig sein mussten.