The Years of the Trees of Middle Earth

1 The Two Trees blossom out and a time of peace begins.
1000 The Valar take hold council about the awakening of the Elves. Mandos explains that the time that the Elves will awake is near. Arda starts building brighter stars.
1050 Varda outs the Valacirca into the northern sky. Just in that moment the Elves awake at Cuivienen. Melian leaves Valinor and moves to Middle-Earth.
1085 Orome discovers the Elves and calls them Eldar.
1086 Manwë holds council and decides to make war on Melkor to protect the Elves.
1090 The war starts.
1099 The Valar take Utumno and bind Melkor with the chain Angainor.
1101 The Valar decide to invite the Elves to come to Valinor.
1102 The Elves send three ambassadors to Valinor: Ingwë, Finwë and Elwë.
1105 The biggest part of the Elves starts moving westward. Those that remain are called Avari.
1115 The Elves cross the Anduin. The Teleri stay there. Lenwë leads a prt of the Elves into the South.
1125 The Vanyar and the Noldor reach Beleriand.
1128 The Teleri arrive in the east of Beleriand and settle at the River Gelion.
1130 Elwe meets Melian in Nan Elmoth and is enchanted by her.
1132 The Vanyar and the Noldor step onto an island which is pulled to Valinor by Ulmo. In Valinor the Elves start to build Tirion.
1142 Yavanna gives Galthilion, the White Tree, to the Noldor.
1149 Ulmo offers the Teleri to bring them to Valinor, but most of the remain in Beleriand and settle at the coast. Círdan becomes their leader.
1150 Olwe and his people finally step onto the island, which is pulled through the ocean to Valinor by Ulmo. Arriving in Valinor the Teleri are not longer willing to leave the island. It is settled by Ulmo in the Bay of Eldamar.
1152 Elwe wakes up again and together with Melian he returns to his people. He becomes king and his people are called the Sindar.
1169 Fëanor was born, his mother Míriel dies.
1185 Finwë marries Indis, who is the sister of Ingwë.
1190 Fingolfin was born, he is the eldest son of Finwë and Indis.
1200 Lúthien was born.
1230 Finarfin, the second son of Indis was born.
1250 Fëanor invents new letters and runes. In Beleriand, the Naugrim meet the Sindar.
1300 Turgon, son of Fingolfin, and Finrod, son of Finarfin, were born. With the help of the Naugrim, Thingol starts to build Menegroth.
1330 The first Orcs arrive in Beleriand.
1362 In Eldamar Galadriel was born, in Tirion Aredhel was born.
1400 Melkor is set free. He starts to poison the peace of Valinor.
1449 Fëanor creates the Silmaril.
1490 Fëanor threatens Fingolfin and is abandoned from Tirion. Finwë joins him. Melkor was meant to be punished, but he is able to hide.
1492 Melkor visits Fëanor in Formenos and tries to get him as a friend. He fails and hunted by Tulkas he flees to Avathar. There, Ungoliant joins him.
1495 Melkor and Ungoliant destroy the Two Trees. Melkor slays Finwë, steels the Silmaril and flees to Angband. Fëanor and the Noldor leave Valinor. Mandos curses all who leave Valinor but only Finarfin returns.
1497 The First Battle of Beleriand is fought. In Losgar the ships are burned while in Mithrim the Dagor-nuin-Giliath is fought. The Noldor win the battle but Fëanor dies.
1198 Morgoth captures Meadhros and enchains him at the Thangorodrim. Fingolfin and his people cross the Helcaraxë.
1500 Fingolfin and his people arrive in Middle-Earth at the first rising of the Moon. In Hildórien the first Men awake.