The Great Age of the War of the Ring

April 3018
  12 Gandalf reaches Hobbiton.
  20 Sauron attacks Osgiliath. About the same time Thranduil is attacked in Mirkwood and Gollum escapes.
  4 Boromir sets out from Minas Tirith to find Rivendell.
  10 Gandalf is imprisoned in Orthanc by Saruman.
August All trace of Gollum is lost. It is thought that at about this time, being hunted both by the Elves and Sauron's servants, he took refuge in Moria; but when he had at last discovered the way to the West-gate he could not get out.
  18 Gandalf escapes from Orthanc in the early hours. The Black Riders cross the Fords of Isen.
  19 Gandalf comes to Edoras as a beggar, and is refused admittance.
  20 Gandalf gains entrance to Edoras. Theoden commands him to go: 'Take any horse, only be gone ere tomorrow is old!'
  21 Gandalf meets Shadowfax, but the horse will not allow him to come near. He follows Shadowfax far over the fields.
  22 The Black Riders reach Sarn Ford at evening; they drive off the guard of Rangers. Gandalf overtakes Shadowfax.
  23 Four Riders enter the Shire before dawn. The others pursue the Rangers eastward, and then return to watch the Greenway. A Black Rider comes to Hobbiton at nightfall. Frodo leaves Bag End with Sam and Pippin. Gandalf having tamed Shadowfax rides from Rohan.
  24 Gandalf crosses the Isen.
  26 The Hobbits enter the Old Forest. Frodo comes to Bombadil.
  27 Gandalf crosses Greyflood. Second night with Bombadil.
  28 The Hobbits are captured by a Barrow-wight but are saved again by Tom Bombadil. Gandalf reaches Sam Ford.
  29 Frodo reaches Bree at night and meets Strider. Gandalf visits the Gaffer.
  30 Crickhollow and the Inn at Bree are raded in the early hours. Frodo leaves Bree. Gandalf comes to Crickhollow, and reaches Bree at night.
  1 Gandalf leaves Bree.
  3 Gandalf is attacked at night on Weathertop.
  6 The camp under Weathertop is attacked at night. Frodo is wounded by the King of the Nazgul's deadly dagger.
  9 Glorfindel leaves Rivendell.
  11 He drives the Riders off the bridge of Mitheithel.
  13 Frodo crosses the Bridge.
  18 Glorfindel finds Frodo at dusk. Gandalf reaches Rivendell.
  20 Frodo, followed by the Hobbits, Strider and Glorfindel escape across the Ford of Bruinen.
  24 Frodo recovers and wakes. Boromir arrives in Rivendell at night.
  25 The Council of Elrond.
  25 The company of the Ring leaves Rivendell at dusk.
January 3019
  8 The Company reach Hollin.
  11 - 12 The company fail to cross Caradhras due to heavy snow.
  13 Attack by Wolves in the early hours the Company reaches the West-gate of Moria at nightfall. Gollum begins to trail the Ringbearer.
  14 Night in hall Twenty-one.
  15 The bridge of Khazad-dum. Gandalf defeats the Balrog but falls into the abyss. The company reaches Nimrodel late at night.
  17 The company comes to Caras Galadhon in Lothlorien at evening.
  23 Gandalf pursues the Balrog to the peak of Zirak-zigil.
  25 He casts down the Balrog and passes away. His body lies on the peak.
  14 The Mirror of Galadriel. Gandalf returns to life, and lies in a trance.
  16 Farewell to Lorien. Gollum, hiding on the west bank, observes the departure.
  17 Gwaihir bears Gandalf to Lorien.
  23 The boats are attacked at night near Sar Gebir.
  25 The Company pass the Argonath and camp at Path Galen. First battle of the Fords of Isen; Theodred son of Theoden slain.
  26 The breaking of the Fellowship...

Death of Boromir; his horn is heard in Minas Tirith. Meriadoc and Peregrin are captured. Frodo and Samwise enter the easter Emyn Muil. Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli sets out in pursuit of the Orcs and their captured companions at evening. Eomer hears of the descent of the Orc-band from the Emyn Muil.
  27 Aragorn reaches the west-cliff at sunrise. Eomer, against Theoden's orders, sets out from Eastfold about midnight to pursue the Orcs.
  28 Eomer overtakes the Orcs just outside Fangorn Forest.
  29 Meriadoc and Pippin escape and meet Treebeard in Fangorn. The Rohirrim attack at sunrise and destroy the Orcs. Frodo descends from the Emyn Muil and meets Gollom. Faramir sees the funeral boat of Boromir.
  30 Entmoot begins. Eomer returning to Edoras meets Aragorn.
  1 Frodo begins the passage of the Dead Marshes at dawn. Entmoot continues. Aragorn meets Gandalf the White. They set out for Edoras. Faramir leaves Minas Tirith on an errand to Itilien.
  2 Frodo comes to the end of the Marshes. Gandalf comes to Edoras and heals Theoden. The Rohirrim ride west against Saruman. Second battle of Fords of Isen; Erkenband defeated. Entmoot ends in afternoon. The Ents march on Isengard and reach it at night.
  3 Theoden retreats to Helm's Deep. Battle of Hornburg begins. Ents complete the destruction of Isengard.
  4 Theoden and Gandalf set out from Helm's Deep for Isengard. Frodo reaches the slag-mounds on the edge of the Desolation of the Morannon.
  5 Theoden reaches Isengard at noon. Parley with Saruman in Orthanc. Wingered Nazgul passes over the camp at Dol Baran. Gandalf sets out with Peregrin for Minas Tirith. Frodo hides in sight of the Morannon, and leaves at dusk.
  6 Aragorn overtaken by the Dunadaín in the early hours. Theoden sets out from the Hornburg for Harrowdale, the assembly point. Aragorn sets out later.
  7 Frodo taken by Faramir to Henneth Annûn. Aragorn comes to Dunharrow at nightfall.
  8 Aragorn takes the "Paths of the Dead" at daybreak; he reaches Erech at midnight. Frodo leaves Henneth Annûn.
  9 Gandalf reaches Minas Tirith. Faramir leaves Henneth Annûn. Aragorn sets out from Erech and comes to Calembel. At dusk Frodo reaches the Morgul-road. Theoden comes to Dunharrow. Darkness begins to flow out of Mordor.
  10 The Dawnless Day. The Muster of Rohan: the Rohirrim ride from Harrowdale. Faramir rescued by Gandalf outside the gates of the city. Aragorn crosses Ringl&oacite;. An army from the Morannon takes Cair Andros and passes into Anorien. Frodo passes the Cross Roads, and sees the Morgul-host set forth.
  11 Gollum visits Shelob, but seeing Frodo asleep nearly repents. Denethor sends Faramir to Osgiliath. Aragorn reaches Linhir and crosses into Lebennin. Eastern Rohan is invaded from the north. First assault on Lorien.
  12 Gollum leads Frodo into Shelob's lair. Faramir retreats to the Causeway Forts. Theoden camps under Minrimmon. Aragorm drives the enemy towards Pelagir. The Ents defeat the invaders of Rohan.
  13 Frodo captured by Orcs of Cirith Ungol. The Pelennor is overrun. Faramir is wounded. Aragorn reaches Pelagir and captures the fleet. Theoden in Druadan Forest and parleys with the Pukel men.
  14 Samwise finds Frodo in the Tower. Minas Tirith is besieged. The Rohirrim led by the Wild Men come to the Grey Wood.
  15 In the early hours the Witch-King breaks the Gates of the City. Denetor burns himself on a pyre. The horns of the Rohirrim are heard at cockcrow. Battle of the Pelennor. Theoden is slain. Aragorn raises the standard of Arwen. Frodo and Samwise escape and begin their journey north along the Morgai. Battle under the trees in Mirkwood; Thranduil repels the forces of Dol Guldur. Second attack on Lorien.
  16 Debate of commanders. Frodo from the Morgai looks out over the camp to Mount Doom.
  17 Battle of Dale. King Brand and King Dain Ironfoot fall. Many Dwarves and Men take refuge in Erebor and are besieged. Shagrat brings Frodo's cloak, mail-shirt,and sword to Barad-dûr.
  18 The Host of the West marches from Minas Tirith. Frodo comes in sight of the Isenmouthe; he is overtaken by Orcs on the road from Durthang to Udûn.
  19 The Host comes to Morgul-vale. Frodo and Samwise escape and begin their journey along the road to the Barad-dûr.
  22 The dreadful nightfall. Frodo and Samwise leave the road and turn south to Mount Doom. Third assualt on Lorien.
  23 The Host passes out Itilien, Aragorn dissmisses the faint-hearted. Frodo and Samwise cast away their arms and gear.
  24 Frodo and Samwise make their last journey—to the feet of Mount Doom (Orodruin). The Host camps in the Desolation of the Morannon.
  25 The Host is surrounded on the slag hills. Frodo and Samwise reach the Sammath Naur. Gollum seizes the Ring and falls in the Cracks of Doom. Downfall of Barad-dûr and passing of Sauron.