Mileage in Middle Earth

Russell Bateman

Did you know the mileage—approximately and even only as the crow flies—of the following treks? Remember: the Hobbits are barefoot! Middle Earth—as depicted on existing maps and based on Tolkien's given leagues and other distances—is, from Mordor to Eriador and from the sea to the Lonely Mountain, approximately the size of the western United States from Denver to San Francisco (putting Barad-dur somewhere near Gallup, New Mexico, hehehe).

Consider the following estimates based on Tolkien maps and scales:

Hobbiton to Rivendale 500+ miles Bilbo, Frodo, Samwise, Meriadoc, Peregrin
Hobbiton to Erebor (the Lonely Mountain) 1000+ miles Bilbo
Hobbiton to Grey Havens 150 miles Bilbo, Frodo, Samwise
Rivendale to Durin's Gate (Moria) 150 miles Frodo et al.
Durin's Gate to Lothlorien 100 miles (!) ibid, Gollum
Lorien on Anduin to the falls of Rauros 300 miles ibid
The falls of Rauros
     to the nearest approaches to Fanghorn
150 miles Meriadoc, Peregrin
The crossing of Emyn Muil
      and the Dead Marshes
who knows?
at least 150 miles
plus backtracking
Frodo, Samwise, Gollum
Edoras to Helm's Deep 60 miles Meriadoc, Peregrin
Isengard to Helm's Deep 75 miles Orc's march—for reference
Edoras to Minas Tirith 300 miles Meriadoc, Peregrin
Minas Tirith to Minas Ithil (Morgul) 50 miles perspective for reference
Morannon to Minas Morgul 110+ miles Frodo, Samwise, Smeagol
Minas Tirith to Morannon 160+ miles Peregrin
Minas Morgul to Barad-dur
      by way of the Isenmouthe
nearly 200 miles Frodo, Sam, Gollum
Barad-dur to Orodruin 30-50 miles Frodo, Samwise, probably Gollum

My feet ache for these poor little Hobbitses!