Notes on Bowl Making by the Greats

These are the important things that impressed me greatly after only a couple of months of turning experience. I garnered these from demonstrations by three masters.

I thought myself fortunate to have been able to see these demonstrations and have Craft Supplies, Inc. and the Utah Association of Woodturners to thank for this. If I lived anywhere else, would I have even had this opportunity?

Only a neophyte in this passion that is bowl turning, I have not taken the same notes that an experienced turner would have taken. In retrospect, I was too fascinated by the demonstrations to take as many notes as I should have. Of course, Raffin has a book out that details his technology as of 1985.

Mike Mahoney, production turner
Demonstrated project: bowls and stacked bowl sets
Demonstrations: 31 May 2000 and 6 February 2001

Rex Burningham, artistic & big bowl turner
Demonstrated project: huge end-cap maple burl platter
Demonstration: 31 May 2000

Richard Raffin, world-wide grand master
Demonstrated project: five quick bowls in ash
Demonstration: 6 June 2000

Rex Burningham, artistic & big bowl turner
Demonstrated project: large maple burl platter
Demonstration: 7 May 2002