Sioux Close-quarter Drill

I have always liked the tactile feed back of hand sanding a bowl or spindle at the lathe. However, I recognize that it just lengthens out a project tremendously when a little judicious power sanding can help overcome the rougher spots my gouge technique leaves. I once saw Rex Burningham use a power solution that is somewhat expensive, but made a lot of sense.

Velcro-mounted sanding discs Velcro drill arbor

From Craft Supplies, I bought some velcro arbor-mounted sanding pads (2" and 3" diameter) plus assortment of pre-cut and furred sanding discs that adhere to the pads. The only problem I have experienced with this system is that the discs tend to come off, especially in the finer grades.

The Sioux Close-quarter Drill appears identical in every way to the Milwaukie, which costs a bit more. They are probably built in the same manufacturing plant.

	Sioux, Inc. 8000ES 3/8" Close-quarter Drill
	3.5 amp, 115V motor, 0-1300 RPM
	Ball and roller bearings
	Paddle switch
	55° angled chuck
	31/2 pounds

	cost $139
Delta Combination Belt-Disc Sander

In addition to this sanding system, I also make some use of a stand-mounted combination belt and disc sander from Delta.

	Delta 31-460 4" Belt/6" Disc Sander
	1/3 hp motor, 3100 RPM
	36" x 4" belt adjusts from horizontal
		to vertical with fence
	Table and miter guage for disc
	21/4" dust-collection port

	cost $109

	Harbor Freight
	3491 Mission Oaks Boulevard
	Camarillo, California 93010
	(800) 444-3353
	(Also from at a slightly higher price and from most home
	and tool centers for around this same price.)